[Book Review] The Ransom by MaryLu Tyndall

The Ransom


MaryLu Tyndall

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

My Review:

When I heard MaryLu Tyndall was coming out with a sequel to her Legacy of the King’s Pirates series, I was ecstatic. Having greatly enjoyed the series, I was excited to see what kind of story MaryLu would come up with next. The Ransom features the son of Captain Edmund Merrick Hyde and Lady Charlisse, though they don’t make an appearance in this book. With that being said, you could totally read this book and be able to follow along without having read the entire series. However, I would highly suggest reading the entire series because MaryLu Tyndall writes the best swashbuckling romance there could be!


Juliana Dutton has taken over the responsibility of her family’s shipping business due to her father being ill and her brother’s foolish antics. However, no one knows that it’s a woman running the business and Juliana starts to feel the pressure as people start to question where her father is and business starts to slow.

When Lord Munthrope suggests a fake engagement that will benefit them both, Juliana agrees. At first she finds herself annoyed by this frivolous man but as time continues, she finds him making a way into her heart. However, a certain Pirate Earl, feared by many, has also been making an appearance in her life and she can’t believe she may be falling for a pirate!


This story will sweep you away. The words jumped off the pages as I dove into the world of Port Royal in the year 1692. MaryLu Tyndall did a great job of bringing us back in time and showing us the world of Port Royal through Juliana’s eyes. I loved the romance, I loved the humor and I loved the historical detail. MaryLu continues to outdo herself with each new novel. I can hardly wait between each release. I am so honored to be a part of her Motley Crew and I look forward to reading each new book MaryLu Tyndall writes.


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