[Book Review] Glamorous Illusions by Lisa T. Bergren

Glamorous Illusions


Lisa T. Bergren

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

My Review:

I have heard wonderful things about Lisa Bergren and I was excited to see what all the hype was about. I entered the world of Cora Diehl in Glamorous Illusions and found myself transported to the early 1900’s.

Cora is returning home from teaching school. She has two more years until she can teach, but when her father suffers from a stroke, her world is turned upside down. But her world turns even more out of order when she finds out she is the illegitimate daughter of Lord Wallace Kensington, a copper king. Cora is soon swept away to take the Grand Tour with her siblings and family friends.

William serves as a guide for their Grand Tour and he finds himself drawn to Cora’s charm and innocence. However, being from different social status’s, he has to tell himself he has no place to pursue her.

Cora has a hard time fitting in with her new siblings and she faces trials and danger as she travels through England and France. While she finds herself admiring William, she also finds herself drawn to a handsome French man who steals a piece of her heart.


Told from Cora, William, and Wallace’s point of view, the story was able to come to life from many different directions. I enjoyed the adventure and I really liked the cast of characters as well, even though I was frustrated with some of them at times.


I bought an ecopy of this book and was not required to write a review. All opinions stated are my own.


Leah B.

Must Love Books



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2 responses to “[Book Review] Glamorous Illusions by Lisa T. Bergren

  1. I loved reading this one! 🙂

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