Never Forget [9.11.2001]

I still remember the day so clearly… Getting ready for school.. and then our whole world turned upside down.

This is what I wrote in my journal that day. I was 9 years old.

I can’t believe this really happened. The World Trade Center was crashed at 8:45am by terrorists. At 9:03 the other building was crashed. At 9:58 the first building collapsed. At 10:28 the other building collapsed. The Pentagon was also crashed by terrorists. But as God says love your enemies. But still what if my Dad was killed. I would be very sad. We watched the news a lot, they’re out there watching right now as I write. The borders were also closed. I am glad that we weren’t in Canada. I hope G-pa and G-ma can come home when they want to. I am rather scared. But I know that God is watching over us. And also another one thing, this is the worst day of my life!

Even though I was young, I knew that this was going to change America.

Here’s a video that I listen to every year on 9/11. It’s heartbreaking. It makes me cry.

We are at the 12 year anniversary of the terrorist attacks. Has it really been that long? As you go throughout the day, I ask that you remember to pray for our nation. Pray for our country, for our leaders. But most importantly, I ask that you pray for those who lost loved ones on this day. For those who are still mourning the loss of their loved ones. Pray and Never Forget.


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