[Book Review] Unrivaled by Siri Mitchell



Siri Mitchell

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

I’ve definitely enjoyed several of Siri Mitchell’s books and Unrivaled was no exception. This was a sweet story – in more ways than one!

Unrivaled is the story of Lucy, a candy maker’s daughter, who comes home from England ready to create a candy that will blow all other candies away and save her family’s business. There’s just one problem – their rivals, Royal Taffy, are out to blow their candy shop out of business. With her father sick, Lucy must find a way to save the business without him. In steps Charlie, a handsome new man in town. Abandoned by his father at a young age, Charlie now finds his father wanting him to help him in his thriving business – Royal Taffy. Seeking his father’s love, Charlie agrees to do anything in order to help his father’s business. Even helping to sabotage the beautiful Lucy’s family shop.

Will Lucy and Charlie ever learn to get along? Or will their differences keep them distant from each other? Pick up this sweet tale to find out what happens between these two young people who only want to help their father’s succeed.


Reading about candy definitely made my mouth water! I suggest picking up some candy to read along with this book. I definitely enjoyed this book very much. The characters became real to me as I entered their world and I was sucked into the story. I enjoyed learning about the process of creating candy and seeing the rivalry between two different candy businesses. This book is another great read from a great author!


I received a free ecopy of this book from Bethany House Publishers through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. I received no compensation for this review and was not required to write a positive review. All opinions stated are my own.


Have you read any Siri Mitchell books? If so, what one(s) have you read and which ones are your favorite?


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