Book Review: Sundays in Fredericksburg

Sundays in Fredericksburg


Lynette Sowell, Eileen Key, Connie Stevens, and Margie Vawter

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Sundays in Fredericksburg is a 4-in-1 collection that follows several generations of families living in Fredericksburg, Texas. We read these stories through the perspective of four different women from four different time periods. These stories revolve around the Sunday Houses that German communities often used.

Our first story follows Amelia and Hank. Amelia has arrived in Fredericksburg to teach at the new school. When three orphans, unwanted by their uncle, come to school, Amelia falls in love with them. Hank also cares about these children and Amelia and Hank must find a way for these children to be provided for.

The second story takes place after the end of World War I. Coming home from being a nurse, Mildred is quickly put back into nursing when the community is struck with influenza. Nelson, an out of town doctor, has come to help the town doctor. Mildred and Nelson work together to stop this epidemic, but when one of them gets sick, the other doesn’t hesitate to help them to return to health.

The third story takes place after the end of World War II. Trudy loves taking photographs and longs to explore the world. When Bradley, an out-of-town journalist arrives, Trudy allows him to rent their Sunday House as he works on his journaling. As they begin spending more time together, Trudy finds herself drawn to Bradley. But is it Bradley or the idea of traveling the world that intrigues her the most?

In the fourth story, we are in the present day. Gwen is working in her aunt’s antique store and Clay is in town for a class credit assignment. Both of them are staying in Sunday Houses and they enjoy spending time together.


Each story was short and sweet. I enjoyed learning about some of the German history and their community, as well as learning about Sunday Houses and what they were. While I enjoyed the stories, I just didn’t like how everything happened so fast. I realize that these are each novellas, but I still felt like there was not a lot of development and for me, to really enjoy a book, I need more development. However, this was still an enjoyable book and each story was fun to read.


I received a free ecopy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions stated are my own.


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