Book Review: Masquerade

Today I would like to review the book Masquerade by Nancy Moser.


by Nancy Moser

My Rating: 4.5 stars

The cover of Masquerade is definitely what drew me in. I saw this book at my local Bargain Books store and after reading the back, I thought it sounded interesting. I wasn’t disappointed in the book either since I ended up really enjoying it.

Charlotte Gleason is from England and she is on her way to New York to marry a wealthy heir. She is traveling with her maid, Dora. On the way over, Charlotte starts doubting whether she wants to marry this man, so she exchanges identities with Dora and renames herself Lottie while Dora takes the identity of Charlotte Gleason.

Lottie is swept into the harsh realities of life as she struggles to survive in the poor part of town. An immigrant family takes her in and she must learn how to survive with very little means. Eventually, Lottie meets a photographer, Sven, who helps her see life through a new set of eyes.

On the other hand, Dora is living a dream come true. She has become a lady and must learn how to act like it. Yet living in a lie becomes a burden on her and she is constantly afraid of being found out.

Will Lottie overcome her selfishness and spoiled ways that she grew up with? Will Dora find happiness with a man who isn’t really her intended? Will either of the girls find true love?

A lot of people didn’t like Lottie because she was selfish and rude. Honestly though, I could sympathize with Lottie. She is a young girl and scared because she’s going to a new land to meet a man who she is supposed to marry. A man she’s never met. Why wouldn’t she be scared? And since she is young, she is still liable to make stupid mistakes, like switching places with her maid. She’s never known a life other than her wealthy life, so of course her life in the slums of New York is going to be difficult and of course she would want to find Dora and take her real life back. I honestly felt like Dora was being a little selfish at times. Of course, neither of the girls were innocent in this scheme so eventually they will both have to deal with the consequences. Overall, I enjoyed the book a lot and thought that it was an interesting story.


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3 responses to “Book Review: Masquerade

  1. Great honest review 🙂 I am so excited to read this one!

  2. Nancy Moser has written some really good books. I have two favorites by this author 1) Washington’s Lady and 2) The Good Nearby. Happy reading!

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