Favorite Reads of 2012: Part 3

Today’s Favorite Reads is featuring books written by Laura Frantz:

Before I say anything, if you have not read any of Laura Frantz’s books, do yourself a favor and DO SO! I don’t remember how I discovered her at first, but I sure am glad I did! Each of her books have left me breathless and wanting more. Here’s a little recap of each book:

The Colonel’s LadyLaura Frantz

Laura Frantz is another new author I discovered this year and fell in love with her books. The Colonel’s Lady drew me in right from the start and I didn’t want to put it down.

Roxanna Rowan is a spinster from Virginia. She travels to the Kentucky fort that her father works at, only to find that he has died. Colonel Cassius McLinn feels guilty about the death of her father, and he urges her to stay at the fort under his care. Roxie and Cass are fascinated with each other and soon an attraction grows. But the mystery of her father’s death stands as a barrier between them and when secrets are revealed, will love withstand the test?

I loved seeing life at a fort through Roxie’s eyes. Laura Frantz did a great job of transporting us into the life of living at a fort and seeing what went on in those days. The mystery of her father’s death was also a great story line that keeps the reader guessing at what happened.

Courting Morrow LittleLaura Frantz

Courting Morrow Little was another book that swept me in right from the beginning. The story begins with a vicious Shawnee Indian attack on Morrow’s family, and Morrow is left with haunting memories of that dreadful days. Several years later, after Morrow has spent a couple years in Philadelphia, she has returned to Kentucky to help care for her ailing father. In returning to Kentucky, Morrow has caught the eye of several men. But are any of them good enough to catch her heart? Will she marry one of these men and in doing so yearn for the half-breed Indian who seems to have caught her heart? Or will she choose to follow her heart and possibly put herself in danger?

In this book we see Morrow having to make some difficult choices. I also see a theme of forgiveness that is written throughout the book. I greatly enjoyed Courting Morrow Little, and since it is a book I own, I plan on rereading it several times.

Love’s ReckoningLaura Frantz

Love’s Reckoning was by far, my favorite of Laura Frantz’s books. I was heartbroken when the book ended merely because I wanted the story to continue. But I do find solace in the fact that the story will continue in Love’s Awakening when we meet Ellie Ballantyne.

This book was so amazing that I do not want to give any part of it away. Let’s just say you should go and read it for yourself and see what happens in the book. I plan on rereading this book several times so eventually I will be writing a real review on it 🙂

Also available from Laura Frantz:

The Frontiersman’s Daughter


Have you read any of Laura Frantz’s books? If so, which ones, and which one was your favorite?



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4 responses to “Favorite Reads of 2012: Part 3

  1. Hi Leah!
    I love Courting Morrow Little. I’ve read them all but that has to be my favorite because of Red Shirt. I had loved Captain Jack so I was thrilled when Ms. Frantz produced a story where an Indian was the hero. I first started reading the stories because I grew up in Indiana and spent much time in Kentucky.

    • Hey Amalie! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 Courting Morrow Little was definitely one of my favorite of Laura Frantz’s books. Of course, I really did like them all, it’s hard to choose a favorite! I also liked seeing an Indian as the hero. That’s really cool you spent a lot of time in Kentucky. I’ve driven through Kentucky a few times but haven’t really spent a lot of time there. It seems like a pretty state.

  2. Leah, I’m so thankful you found me and my books but even better, I found YOU:) You are such a blessing and I’m so touched by your beautiful review. Thanks for being such a light and an encouragement! Waving at dear mommyauthor above, too!

    • Laura, Thank you so much for stopping by! That means so much 🙂 I am glad I was able to be a blessing and encouragement to you. Your books are definitely a blessing to me! I’m so excited to read Love’s Awakening!!

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