Favorite Reads of 2012: Part 2

This week I am featuring the author Elizabeth Camden.

She was one of the new authors I discovered in 2012 and I really enjoyed each of her books. Here is a look at a couple of books:

The Lady of Bolton HillElizabeth Camden

This is the first book of Elizabeth Camden’s books that I have read and I absolutely loved it. Elizabeth Camden quickly made her way onto my favorite author’s list after reading her other books as well.

Clara Endicott and Daniel Tremain were childhood friends, but different circumstances separated them for 12 years. Now they have become reacquainted. Clara is now a journalist and Daniel has become rich through a patent of new railroad technology. A few different things set up for a story of suspense, bitterness, revenge, love, and also forgiveness.

Put this on your to-read list, it’s definitely a must read.

Against the TideElizabeth Camden

Against the Tide is somewhat of a sequel to The Lady of Bolton Hill. The main hero in this story was a secondary character is The Lady of Bolton Hill so it was fun seeing where his life took him in Against the Tide.

Lydia Pallas is working as a translator for the U.S. Navy. When Alexander Banebridge, also known as Bane, uses Lydia to help translate different things, he becomes intrigued by her. And she with him. Bane’s past is quickly catching up with him and he wants to leave Lydia out of it, but eventually Bane realizes that he can’t escape his past without the help of Lydia.

I thought The Lady of Bolton Hill was amazing, but I loved Against the Tide even more. After reading The Lady of Bolton Hill, I urge you to quickly gobble up this book as well.

The thing I like about Elizabeth Camden is that her books are not purely about romance. She adds mystery and suspense into her stories that makes the reader keep reading. It’s hard to put down her books when you don’t know what will happen next. I have enjoyed each of Elizabeth Camden’s books and am looking forward to her next book, Into the Whirlwind, which is scheduled to release in August, 2013.

For a sneak peak at what Into the Whirlwind is about, check out Elizabeth Camden’s blog for a description. I just read it today and I am extremely excited about it!




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4 responses to “Favorite Reads of 2012: Part 2

  1. I also really enjoyed Against the Tide, but I don’t have The Lady of Bolton Hill. I keep hoping it will come up as a Kindle freebie 😉

    • You should definitely enjoy The Lady of Bolton Hill if you liked Against the Tide. I was lucky enough that my library had a copy of The Lady of Bolton Hill. Those Kindle freebies are always nice though, hopefully it’ll come up soon 🙂

  2. She is a favorite of mine as well and I included her on my “Best of” lists for 2012/3. Hugs! :O)

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